Complimentary gifts

Gifts are a practical way to extend one’s thanks and a great proof of the hospitality Greeks are famous for.

We offer a new line of coplimentary gifts of high aesthetic value, all inspired by Greek culture.

We provide a complete line of products that are suitable for giveaways (such as welcome gifts)  in a wide price range, addressed to all ages and preferences. We also offer businesses the possibility of personalized products by printing their logo, the company title and adjusting all the graphic designs that each business requires.

We turn into products our group’s ideas as well as yours …

We can design and create objects for every tourist business (hotels, travel agencies, cultural halls etc) that wishes to offer a coplimentary gift as a promotional tool.

Designing something special and unique for your business and delivering a gift that bears your own symbolism and meets your requirements is to us both a challenge and a commitment.