Wholesale travel gifts / souvenirs

Our company offers wholesale products and targets commercial shops, hotel gift shops, museum and cultural sites gift shops, cultural institutions and foundations, Greek Diaspora associations and public organizations for tourism promotion and any other point of sale of gifts. Our products cater to every consumer that can distinguish original and artistic objects.

All our products constitute a complete gift set as they are available with gift packaging. For us, packaging is an integral part of the design. It enables proper placement and visibility of the product and best serves travelers.

More specifically, …

We offer a wide range of writing material products, in designs inspired by the monuments and landscaped of Crete featuring the blue colour of the sea.

As paper is a material that we love due to the natural aspect of its texture, we have used it in other products, beside writing material objects, such as candle holders with designs inspired by the Minoan Age, and small magnets with designs from various beaches of Crete, such as Balos, Lafonisi and Agia Fotia.

Our new line incorporates a product inspired by Greek tradition, the folded paper boat of our childhood, the making of which passes from generation to generation.

Of course, we could not have neglected a line of women’s accessories. Our products include scarves in designs inspired by the dresses of the Minoan Age women, in many shapes and colours.

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