Our company is based on Crete and its activities include design, production and marketing of Cultural Souvenir Gifts

Memoteasers. Let us introduce ourselves …

We belong to a creative group of professionals in the field of applied arts, with our interests focusing on design and production of original souvenir gifts.

Having completed studies in architecture and design and accumulated experience of many years in this field, we set out many years ago to offer a new perspective to products that travel around the world as souvenirs and reminders of time spent in Greece by tourists.

Our techniques focus on architectural design, painting, artistic photography, graphic design as well as all other hi-tech design means of design and photo processing, so that the final product is unique and ideally designed.

Our vision …

Souvenirs are objects with many particular features as they constitute a memory carrier of the traveler’s holidays as well as a means of carrying culture and civilization elements across the globe. Forms and uses alternate from everyday objects to history and culture artifacts with indiscernible boundaries.

We dream that our souvenirs will transport Greek traditions and civilization all over the world through elegant memorable travel gifts, objects of contemporary design that project a different profile of Greece and enhance not only the country’s history and civilization but also the modern trends in aesthetics and design.

Our goal and our principles …

Our goal is for our products to constitute an attractive alternative in the souvenir market. The use, form, target group, manufacture materials and, ultimately, the packaging of our products are the questions we are called to answer so as to create integral and elegant souvenir gifts.

Our company is based on relations of trust and values not only among its members but also with all of its associates. Networking and cooperation with other Greek businesses, as well as the exclusively internal production of our products, constitute basic elements of the choices we make remaining faithful to our values.

Inspired by the aesthetic, cultural and historic aspects of various regions in Greece, we instil our imagination and creativity into our products, with respect to our cultural heritage.